Stick noob tempted to switch back to pad

Well I found myself not as good on SF3OE as I used to be on 3S. So I thought why not get back into it and learn my stick at the same time. I was doing 50 of everything with Ken, but I find that on the left side of the screen, I can’t get 50 Shoryukens without fail, and easy combos such as,, hadouken, SA3. I play SSFIV AE too, not sure if that would help get better on the stick since it has shortcuts.

Read up…

Thanks sir. I had a look there, and at this. I still seem to failboat. :frowning:

Then you still gotta practice until you get the rhythm…

Fight through it bro, you will appreciate that fact that you learned stick later (especially for 3s). Just try to make your motions as clean as possible, with no wasted motions/inputs. Worry about speed later

Just keep at it. You’ll get it. If you really want to play on pad though I suggest you pick your favorite controller and get someone to mod it. I know B15 Dose that kind of stuff

I hope you stick with it :rofl:, but you are going to have to go through a frustrating period where your game will step down a bit, and you will have a hard time getting out things you might take for granted on a pad. At the end of the day, though, playing on the stick will make the game easier in the long run, and things will much smoother to pull off. All that said, if you are really banging your head into a wall, there is not shame in going back to the pad, as there are a lot of great pad players out there; I just don’t want you to give up on yourself too soon.

After playing stick for so long, playing on pad is like putting my hands in molasses. Keep at it and you’ll find the same. Dont give up! :slight_smile:

I use to be a strict pad user, but after committing myself to a arcade stick I never went back. Yes, at first it might be a little tough on the execution but trust me it is totally worth it :D. And when you ever go to an arcade and see noobs play SF, you can just destroy them. If you were a pad user, that would never happen. :3