Stick noob

Hey guys, finally registered on the forum after lurking for a while. Just introducing myself, I have two sticks, one is a MAS stick which I converted to Xbox360 wireless:


And the other I just picked up a Madcatz TE (for the purpose of having a wired multi-console stick), swapped on a bat top, and looking into spring options, since I’m really used to the Happ that’s on the MAS stick. I ordered a few parts on Lizard Lick to do the multi-console mod and hopefully get the TE to be closer to the feel I got on the MAS stick (all Happ), but I heard it’s nearly impossible to get a Happ joystick into this cabinet, so I may cancel that portion of the order and am now looking into modding the Sanwa instead.


Your best bet would to be get a Bat Top, Octagon gate and maybe add some higher tension springs.

This should get the sanwa stick to feel more like a Happ/iL stick.

Also, you can go to Home Depot and buy Compression springs.

Take the spring out of your JLF and bring it with you to Home Depot. Go into the Hardware aisle and look for a plastic box of assorted compression springs that have springs the same diameter of your JLF spring. If longer it is cool, you can cut them with a good wire cutter to adjust both size and tension in your stick. It is possible to get it harder than a Happ/iL stick if you shove a long enough spring in that actuator and manage to get the clip on. I reccomend that you start with the spring a little longer than the stock JLF spring, test and if too stiff, open and cut a little bit off, repeat, until you get what you think is the right resistance.

Thanks for the tips, I will definitely be going to Home Depot today to try that out. Octagonal gate is on order from L.L., which means I’ll see it in… a month… or so… haha.

Oh PS I also have an original X-Arcade, but IMO that wasn’t even worth mentioning as I feel like it’s an awful stick not even worth using the cabinet for.

Well unless you want to wait that month out, you could just order from or and get it a lot quicker