Stick Noobie Question: QCF Gaming

Hi. I’m new here. I’ve been lurking for quite a while due to interest in fighting games, and also I plan on building my friend Tate an arcade stick for his birthday. He’s a god at fighting games, but has no stick. To give you an example, I’m decent at Marvel VS Capcom 2 for the Dreamcast. After loosing to him several times in a row, usually with me hardly touching him, I decided to pick his characters for him. I chose Dan, ServeBot, and Roll, as a joke. While it was a close fight, he was surprisingly victorious.
I’ve been following links around and looking at different parts for sticks. I Googled it and found the X-Arcade website, and the whole vibe of the website and your general opinions of it really make me distrust the brand. I’m probably going to buy most of my parts from Lick Lizard (I think that’s what it’s called). I’m hearing the word Sanwa left and right, and I’m probably going with those parts, even though they’re expensive. I have a Wii Hori stick that I love, but recently got to play a MsPacman machine that’s over 2 decades old, and loved the stick on it. Okay, so I’m ranting now. Here’s my main question…
Running around looking for a cheap case/box to put the stick in, I decided to hit up eBay to see if I could find an old one I could dissect with ease. I ran across a wooden case that was being sold due to an uneven bottom, and noticed the low price. I investigated the source, and it was made by the people from QCF Gaming. They have just recently opened a website, and sell what appears to be really nice boxes/cases for as low as $25 and up. While my original case will be made from an NES (as seen on this board), I would be very interested if anyone has heard of this site, and what experience you have had with it. I love supporting small businesses, and if they make good stuff, then I’d love to buy from them. The website is QCF Gaming. Thanks for your time, and I hope I enjoy my stay on this website.

They are trustworthy and make good cases. You will not regret it.