Stick not being read by system


I’m a new player, my Qanba Q4 was working fine, then all of a sudden the stick is not being read. I opened it up and everything is connected properly. Is there a way to change the USB chord or do I have to change the entire board that the chord connects to. Sorry if I’m using incorrect lingo, I’m still need at this. Any help will be appreciated.


Do you have a picture of where the chord goes? I am not familiar with the insides of a Qanba, but if its a USB cable its either soldered direct to the board or uses a simple 4 pin header and plastic connector. Both are relatively easy fixes, one just requires soldering.

Do you have access to a multi-meter? One thing you could check is the pins on the USB end to the connections on the PCB. If you get continuity from pin to pin, you should be good. More than likely you have the following 4 wires: RED/GREEN/WHITE/BLACK. Red carries 5V (usually), Black is the Ground, Green is DATA + , and white is DATA - . If you can touch your multimeter to a wire and one of the pins on the USB end and get a “chime” or show NO resistance across the cable its probably fine. There isn’t much magic here. If there is even one wire that doesn’t get the chime or no resistance then you probably need to replace it. If it chimes across each pin, then it may be the board or a loose/bad ground connection somewhere in the wiring.