Stick not quite right

I can take different angles if need be but these are the connections from the old stick onto the happ parts mounted onto my old ps2 stick shell.

I think people thought I crammed happ parts into the default shell. sorry. when I get all the buttons working i’ll simply be mounting the innards of the stick to the old bottom and screwing it together from the old screws. It fits quite perfectly with the section I took off of the xbox piece.

Pictures by wombatkombat - Photobucket

This is a link to the album w/ all my pictures. I’m bad at forums to make just thumbnails show up so it was giving me massive pictures on here. Let me know if you need different angles.

Reposting this because it took too long to get the pictures uploaded.

So what is exactly your issue is with your happ stick? I am lost here. For the most part your wiring looks sound to me. I prefer crimp connections over directly soldering lines to the switches, and that is mostly for ease of disassemblly if any repairs are needed. Points for use of shrink tubing and labeling your wires.

You do have have the internal plastic frame of a Mad Catz TE in there still, maybe that is throwing everything off, but that is speculation on my part

Sorry, this came from elsewhere so I forgot to mention everything. This came from a working tournament madcatz stick that I took apart and attached to and old shell w/ happ parts. The boards seem undamaged and I didn’t drop them or anything crazy, but after everything is hooked up I can only get the right direction and 6/8 of the buttons to work. The triggers are the ones not working properly. I was mainly looking for ideas on what could be causing these to work.

also i started out with the little preinstalled crimp connections (i think that’s what they are) but when they didn’t work right I moved to soldering and it was the exactly the same. Everything seems to be correct but I feel like I’m missing something since it’s not working …

What isn’t working about it?


Try flipping over the harness for the actual stick (you did solder it like common ground, right?)

Can’t help for the buttons yet. Does Start and select work?

Do a continuity test on the switches, make sure they all work. Make sure the signal line to each switch is to the correct tab.

Go double check the TE board and harness, make sure all those connections are good. And you might want to lose that bit of plastic frame from the old TE, and properly secure that PCB.

i’m not sure what some of those fancy words mean but i’ll reattach the wires to the old buttons and go from there. and as per shadow’s comment. I kept the start/select/xbox button on the old frame w/o modification and they work.