Stick or Pad

So when I started with SSFIV I switch to a TE-S. I had several people tell me that is was indefinitely a game changer. I made the switch from controller to TE, and immediately loved it, though I was seriously afraid of being punished. I got used to it, and started to love it more then a controller.

My point is, after migrating to a TE, I noticed it was harder for me to go back to the controller. I tend to get sloppy with a regular controller. Anyone else have this problem, or am I just retarded?

My guess would be that you learned motions and combos on stick, and you are trying to apply the feel of your stick to your pad.

I suppose so. I tried playing SSFIVAE on PS3 with the controller and it was a no go. However, I am getting quite adjusted to it playing 3SO.