STICK/or pad?

the real way to play any fighting game is with a stick but how many people out there love there pad? i always tell people online playing with a pad is a pussy way :rofl: but thats just me


tampons are great

i’m sure there’s a million topics on this already and since this thread sucks, add my name to the tampon preferred list

Whatever you’re good with, whatever you’re comfortable with. There is no need to invest money if you’re decent with pad already.

freaking fei long rekkas on pad blistered my fingers…so the switch was easy for me :wgrin:

i like the pad but in the end it’s whatever you’re good with

If you have to ask, you’re not cool enough for SRK. << >> <_<

it was question i have read alot of threads were people love the pad and i think its cool but you dont get the real feeling with the tampon lol


I’ve used a pad for years, but I’m starting to understand why it is people use sticks. The better I get, the more limited I feel by a pad and what it’s capable of. So even though I’m a pad player, I’d say, if you’re really serious about playing, get a decent stick. Because if you really do want to get better, eventually, you’re probably going to want to make the switch, so might as well do it now and get it out of the way.

so true!!!

Be a true weaboo – get a stick and put animu wallpapers on it.

i got a stick lol i just ask the question cause alot of people i know play with pads and i allways tell them that is not the way to play fighting games AT ALL!!!

you can’t be arrogant about it because then they’ll further reject it. However, I’ve had some pad players act like I was crazy, and it’s annoying as hell.

why did this thread get past like, two replies?

Tampons if you got the flow

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lol i know what u mean!!!

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