Stick or pad?! :(

Hi there

I just recevied my TE stick and I suck horribly. I got 8000 bp with my fightpad and I can pulloff everything so easily with it. Why should I bother to change to a stick? Id really like to improve my game but whey do people generally prefer sticks for fighters, is it just because there are sticks in the arcade???

how long will it take to get used to the stick and will I be able to maintain the same in-game style?

thank you:lame:

It’s a matter of experience… It will require time and repetition to aquire the musclememory and reflexes to use the stick better than your controller. Give it a couple days of intense playing and it should get better or if not, sell it to me =)

hmm I played quite a long time yesterday and my main problem is dashing. how do you hold the stick to dash without problems?

I usually will tap a stick with my palm to dah. Playing with a stick is much more involved than a pad but once you get used to it you will be far better imho. Keep at it! You will figure everything out. Dont get so worked up over bps you can always gain back what you loose.

Suggestion: train with the stick and use your pad when you feel like it. No reason why you cant master both!

Thats exactly what I wanted to ask! Great suggestion! Sometimes I just feel to let people know that I could easily destroy them :smiley: LOOL :smiley:

doesnt it matter if I play with the pad sometimes, just to gain back my selfconfidence? :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you mean with involving, more complicated or “your more in the game”? can I reach the same level with a stick? Everyone says that a stick is more precise…

More involved because you use more of your body aswell…

I’m gonna pull the following out of my ass but from experience it rings true: You can never be as good on a pad as a stick solely based on the fact that the dexterity and speed of your thumb will never match that of your whole hand. Not to mention a 6 or 8 button setup is clearly faster/easier to use than the 4 top + bumpers etc.

I’d like to see somebody make some kind of frankenstickpad.. haha. I’d like to have the button layout of an arcade stick, but somehow still be able to use a good dpad for directional inputs.

But like everyone says… the stick just takes some getting used to. I suppose it will come with time.

yes thats right, but the fightpad also has a 6 button layout. but will i also be faster because I dont juste use my thumbs but all the 3 fingers? is this actually an advantage?

You don’t have to change to stick. Use whatever you want… its not the tools that make the player. Sell your TE and make a nice profit.

yes but apparently a lot of player think sticks are more precise and all the pros play with it. there has to be a reason for that no? :expressionless:

Yes… Using your whole hand/arm is more dexterous, faster and more precise than using your thumb. Having a 6 or 8 buttonface is also faster and more precise than using a pad where you have to use your thumb for 4 buttons.

Its up to you. DO NOT let people change your mind by saying…“All high level players use stick” That’s them. Go your own way. There’s a lot of good pad players.

I replied in the Ryu forum about this.

I find most people who buy/build/steal sticks do so because they used to play in the arcades years ago and want to have that same feeling everytime they play.

For those people who originally played Street Fighter & other fighting games in the arcade, a joystick is the way to go as it’s how they learnt in the beginning.

Use whatever you want as long as it makes you happy.

For me, there is always something warm & fuzzy about playing with the same controls that i used to play on the arcades when Street Fighter 2 first came out.

Just as you players that have just started playing Street Fighter are trying to learn to play with the sticks, we old skool players had to learn to play with the pads.

Until now. (insert evil laugh here)

I definitly know what your going thorugh. I wasnt able to get my hands on a TE stick so i had to build my own. In the process of building it i bought a pad and began to play with it since it was better than controller. The one thing i would suggest is just get a “feel” for it. My joystick is stil being wired up(Procrastination is a huge problem for me lol) but i still grab it and try stuff. Do a couple foward dash, back dash, links, then ur BnB combos. it won’t translate to straight results in your game but it will help u get a feel for the stick and in the end i believe that a stick is def better.

Good luck and Happy Fighting :smile::nunchuck:

Okay… so if you know the differences between pad and stick, why did you make this thread? Heres my suggestion:

Figure it out for your own self.

Otherwise, just sell your stick and be on your happy way. You don’t have to change, especially if you say you’re losing a lot more often because you want to appease fighting game fans by using an arcade stick. :nunchuck:

the dpad just isn’t as good as a stick because of the directional imputs. the joystick is much more precise and much faster when it comes to charging and “pre-charging”. I just made the transition from pad to stick and it was moderately hard but worth it. I don’t know how many times I would do a series of links with SAGAT and want the TU or TK at the end. and a damn TS came out. Also it makes the FADC combos so much easier.

The main thing I notice is that with a d-pad to do moves you are kind of stuck holding a directional button on the pad while doing some moves or combos. Where as with the stick…i’m just on the direction for like a second and i’m already moving the stick to another position to pre-charge or start a ultra or super motion.

also let me tell you bp don’t really mean anything. I played a flowchart ken that had a deadly addiction to jumping. I perfected him once and the 2nd round I took a hit because I was a little cocky and wanted to FA enuf for ultra to finish the match. Was I surprised as hell to find out afterwards that he had double the bp I did (7500).

Maybe he/she was playing with a character who wasn’t one of his/her regular ones.

the FADC thing is horribly difficult. With the pad im finally able to pull it of 99%. With the stick its about 10% ^^ how can you dash with a stick then? Does it matter if I just put the stick on my legs or do I need a little table?

Yep, none of them tournament winners.

OP, follow this advice with caution. He’s looking out for your comfort, not your success.

Sticks are more precise. That’s all there is to it. Spend the 20 hours relearning and stop being lazy.