Stick Or Twist



I mained Ken in all of the SF4 series. I’ve not tried SF5 or paid much attention till now. I saw some of the videos from the thread above and it looks like Ken has changed a lot style wise.

Are Ken players from SF4 likely to stick with him? I wonder what the general consensus is.


I have played ken since SSF2T when I was 4. It really depends on the person ken is very different from his SF4 version so unless your a character loyalist I fell most people will drop him for someone else.


In beta 2 he felt like a perfect mix between 3S and SF4 Ken. Now he’s basically a new SFV version of Ken. I had doubts about myself sticking with him but the small buffs he’s received in the final build allow me to still give him a try.


Well the tools he has don’t allow him to poke like he could before, he still has one of the best hit confirm abilities in the game but just not from the usual shoto distances. He still has damage and he can rushdown better than before because of the mobility options he has.

If you’re a loyalist as stated above, then sure it’s just gonna take a while to get used to him. If you played SF4 or 3S Ken predominantly you’ll have a hard time adjusting properly I think, he just isn’t a run of the mill shoto anymore.


Right as I thought. We’re going to need to reboot and reset our skills for Ken. Definitely a Ken loyalist.


I was a Sakura main in SFIV but have switched to Ken in V because he has that same “oh, what is this guy going to do NOW” feeling that I loved with Sakura.

I apparently have a habit of picking characters with tough links; have found cr.MP > TC pretty finicky in terms of timing.


It’s not so much timing. The range is the finicky part. If you’re too far out the b. mp won’t connect at all, and it’s hard to judge sometimes. I usually avoid that combo unless I’m right up on the opponent, or I have them in the corner. Kinda hoping they reduce the pushback on Ken’s cr. mp in the future so it’s more consistent.


Ken is still a shoto and feels shoto like, he’s just unorthodox.