Stick/Pad Input Delay

On GGPO against a friend in SF3, my stick has 6 frames of delay between pressing jab and the first frame of animation coming out.

On MAME in SF3, my stick has 3.5 frames (on average) of delay for the same.

In SF4 for the 360, the results were the same for SF3 on MAME.

In SF4 for the 360, my xbox controller had 3 frames of delay.

All tests were done with ryu using jab. The tests were done by taking a 60 FPS video then opening it up in a video editing tool and counting the frames between a button press and motion on the screen. The buttons were pushed in such a way that it was easy to tell when they were down.

Are these results typical? It seems like having 3.5 frames of delay with sanwa buttons is too much, but I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you.


And before you go linking me to the TV lag thread, I’m using an LCD monitor with 5 ms of response time. So it’s probably not my monitor, unless it’s broken and then my laptop’s monitor is also broken in the same way and magnitude.

What stick is it

It’s a Madcatz SE modded with a Sanwa stick and buttons.

  • A TV or monitor’s response time has nothing to do with input lag.

Have you tried ruling out the joystick by using the standard controller?

A consistent delay between a button press and onscreen animation is normal. For example, the arcade version of ST on actual hardware doesn’t animate until the 4th frame. See the vid from NKI’s CCC2 input lag test.

It is additional lag caused on the display side (or from a controller protocol converter) that we normally worry about.

Ah, okay. So 3-4 frames is fine, any more than that and something is amiss, if I understand correctly. So GGPO giving me 6-7 frames of delay is certainly not good. Oh well, my friend’s internet connection is a pile of crap so I kind of expected that. Thanks.