Stick Parts in Canada or U.S.?

Hey everyone, I need some new buttons immediately for my standard edition stick, and likely a new replacement stick.

Lizardlick is back ordered indefinitely and Playdium parts (in Toronto) is back ordered on buttons as well. Where else can I pick up fairly local parts so I can get this stick working properly? Any help appreciated, I have no problem ordering online as well if there is another U.S. parts supplier.

I believe this is in the stickied threads already, but here’s some sources: - Very fast service (I got my package in 2 days from CA to NYC). Nareg does a great job.

And in New York city, you have a few more options. Videogaming New York (6th st and Bowery) has Sanwa JLFs (no mounting plate or harness) and buttons.

Henry Cen who works with the popular Chinatown Fair also sells JLFs (email him at that include harness and mounting plate.

Nice thanks for the help bro. new york is about 12 hours away so i prob will not drop by there, but i will check out the online one. If you know anymore online parts stores let me know. Yeah I took a look in one of the stickies for this but all that was listed for U.S. was lizardlick.

im in north york.