Stick picky on when it wants to respond to "down right"


Hey SRK, i recently bought a Madcatz SE stick that has been pre-modded with (quoted from seller)

The problem i’ve been having is when i hold down right to block, sometimes it acts like i’m only holding down so the opponents attacks get through. I’m pretty new to all this modding stuff so when i opened the case all i noticed was the peg for ‘right’ wasn’t clicking as loud as the other 3. Other than that, it looks alright.

Appreciate any help i can get. :smiley:


Basically he made the stick worse.
With an octagonal gate you’ll have more difficulty hitting the corner precisely.
You can either get used to it or not.

The stock microswitch suck. I too have one that makes a different sound and has a different feeling from the others, making it difficult to understand if it’s been activated.

What I recommend is to get rid of the stick and get a Sanwa or Seimitsu, depending on your preferences.


I hope you didn’t pay too much for that stick…

As Eversynth_IT stated, the octagonal restrictor requires slightly more effort to hit the corners than the square restrictor.