Stick players who play cross handed

I’ve always wondered if those players who play on stick and play with their hands crossed(right hand on stick and left hand on buttons) are left handed players?

I’m a left handed player and I’ve been playing on a Mas Stick for a while now but I still have some problems with some motions. Would it be more beneficial as a left handed person to play cross handed or is it just a preference?

Honestly, no matter how tired of a response this is, it’s the truth but:

Do whatever works for you, period.

If for some reason you’re most comfortable playing with the stick on your chest lying down, do that.

If you like using a keyboard setup to play, do that.

There’s someone in the joystick thread that posted their configuration where he plays perpendicularly, not parallel.

Just do your thing.

Would they let you bring a keyboard to a tourney? Theres a lot of good keyboard players in some older games, I wonder if they would actually be allowed to participate :stuck_out_tongue:


when sf2 first dropped, you had arcade cabinets that were like this

they dedicated themselves to left or right players but these cabs can only hold 1player @ their size. Some of the players who crossed over into fighters happened to play on cabs that would allow a lefty to play as they would prefer and thats how that cross handed shit came into existence IMO.


^^^ here is a video of the cross handed style in 96. It goes back further but I doubt there is any video proof of that. If the youtube link isn’t tracking to time link, skip to 5minutes and 12seconds.

While it may be weird, I don’t think its impossible to be good with that style. May take some awkward practice though.

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