stick prices


so far i have 3 sticks i have the sf 15th anniversary stick still with its box im thinking of selling it but not sure i want a american style stick but its very cheaply made and buttons r horrible so ill have to mod it if i keep not sure what parts to get though

second i have the original mat catz sf4 te stick from 2009 i actually never even used it bought it for fightcade but it doesn’t work cause ps3 version id have to mod the usb t be able t use on my pc im thinking i should resell from 150-200 on ebay?

third stick is on its way should get it monday mayflash v2 got it for 63 bucks i heard its the best cheap stick out there

now my questions are how much is a sf anniversary collection stick with box worth and how much should i re sell my sf4 te stick for