Stick prices?

Just wondering how much $$$ I can get or these?

Namco Tekken 2 stick

T5 stick

xbox 1 hori ex

50-60 for that t5
the namco is pretty rare i’d say it goes for about 80 ish?

that hori ex one isnt too great though

anymore opinions?

I forgot to add(if it matters)

the sticks have to be modded since the stick and buttons are stiff,but I’m sure the buyer would want to modded them anyway.

oh yeah I also have the nuby SF ann stick,how much for that?

It depends on their condition, but as for general EBay prices…

Namco Stick - $50

T5 Stick - $60

Hori XBox Stick - not much, maybe $20

SFAC - $80

If you are going to sell anything on EBay, don’t mod it. The little extra money probably won’t even cover the cost of the parts. My general rule for selling sticks, if it’s modded sell it on SRK, if not then EBay.