Stick Problem - Automatic Inputs

Hi, i’m here to ask you guys some help for fixing my stick. Almost everything was made by someone ive payed for (including soldering), but i know the basics of all the process, includind soldering again.

The problem is that it’s randomly hitting down-forward, automatically. I tried to test with many variables as possible, i’m not sure but it seems that the input hits after i do a lot of random inputs, for example, i mash all buttons and then i stop, suddenly it hits down-forward and sometimes it actually holds down-forward, then if i hit another input, it goes back to normal.

So basically, its randomly hitting down-forward…

Clues anyone?

Open up the stick, see how the connections look when moving the stick around(uneven?), and if it is registering a down-forward input even if you are not touching the micro switches with the stick.

The micro switches themselves might be screwed up, and needing replacement which is easy.

Your stick is a Happ right?


no, the micro isn’t pressed by the levers, like i said, for being exactly down-forward, i’m suspecting that is a soldering/eletrical problem, but i was hoping to find tips to search for the exact point that the problem is coming to fix it.
And the micros are new btw.

I live in brazil, its happ similar, from pictures ive seen, i could say its very similar to the stick on the Anniversary edition, but we got a lot of sticks here and all of them are ok, just mine with that problem.

test it in a training mode with the input display on, preferably in a different game than the one you’re having the problem with (VF4:Evo or CvS2 would work). Since you keep saying down-forward and not down-left, I am wondering if it is doing all four directions at once, and your game is defaulting to down-forward since it can’t do all at once.

Shake the stick around some; if it’s a loose connection, you should be able to make it act up by shaking the stick and not pressing any buttons. If shakingit makes the problem worse, or fixes it, its a loose connection and you can hunt it down or just replace the pcb.

If it is all directions at once, and shaking doesn’t fix it or make it worse, yes, it’s electrical. You can try redoing the connections, but replacing the pcb is likely the best option.

Sorry for the down-forward, i was thinking about p1 so, its down-right, i’ll try to do those things but i think the ultimate solution will be replacing pcb and stick…
oh well…

no need to replace the stick. Just replace the pcb.