Stick Problem (HRAP 2 Pulling Off Ultras)

I have modded my hrap 2 for 360 use, and its fucking great…only problem is im using the stock stick which i have been left to believe is a sanwa JLF. I try to pull off supers and ultras but for most part its only about 20% of the time i actually pull it off…i no it isnt my technique coz on my friends tourney stick and other ex 2 sticks i can pull thm off pretty much everytime.

on my stick it tends to add a straight up command in the mix for no reason. Should i buy a new stick and try that or is there another way to help prevent this? (tighter springs or such)

cheers in advance

let your friends try your stick, if they can’t do it either, then it at least eliminates the execution error as a possible culprit.

well my friends who have tried it, have had a little more success and probs pul them up about %35 of the time (they have been playing SF since sf2 was released) so i think it is largely the way my stick works.

does anyone have any solutions or ideas for me? if i titghten the springs it will obviously mean i have to put alot of force into the stick to move it around but im quite heavy handed and i dont mind or is there a ifferent set of switches i could use maybe even a whole new stick…i dont mind ripping stuff out and changing coz at the moment i have hori own brand buttons (changing for seimitsu pn-14’s) and a sanwa JLF (i think this may be licenced but i not sure…i just doubt that the validity of it being an official sanwa part)

same issue also I can pull of more on the EX2 than my HRAPEX but its getting better I think I’m gonna order an LS-32 spring though for a tiny bit more tension. My friends also have the same problem it just takes a bit of getting used to I guess I still like the feel of the stick better though it is smooth

You could replace the TP-MA and see if that solves the issue. The TP-MA is the micro switch pcb inside of the JLF.

how would i change them over? just a matter of dissassembling it and swapping it over?

what would i be looking for? as in product? and where to get it and how much?

I would try that if my hrap ex had quick dis. on the stick switch pcb

Its just a matter of snapping stuff off and on. You can get them at or

All you need to do is take off the restrictor gate, then swap the TP-MA with the new one, then snap on the restrictor gate.

cool, what microswitches should i get?