Stick problem

I have a cheap Hori fighting stick 3 that I bought last year.
I would like to confirm something regarding the actual lever or “stick” itself.

Having bought it for about 4000 yen I thought it was a good deal however…

The actual stick itself seems to be really loose which can’t be normal can it? If I place my index finger on the top of the stick, and very lightly wobble my finger around the stick moves a lot before it even registers a click.
Should a good stick not do this?
Is this normal?

I can’t remember now if it has always been like this, or it has only recently become like this.

Any help appreciated.

It is normal.
Even Sanwa and Seimitsu do that.
What you are noticing is called Deadzone.

But each Joytick model has different degree of Deadzone.
Some more, some less.

Deadzone is from neutral to when the Joystick Actuator touches the Microswitch Actuator.
Engage is the click that happens when the Microswitch Actuator gets pushed.

But by how much? Without buying a new stick or knowing anyone else with a different stick it’s so hard to compare and really say how loose my stick is. I think it’s making me paranoid!