Stick problem


Hey guys, I’ve had a Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA for about 9 months now with moderate use and recently, the stick seems to be giving odd/inconsistent inputs. It’s a square gate with stock Sanwa parts. First, when I *hold * down-back on the the (left side of the) stick, the inputs on screen often show alternating down-back, down, down-back, down… Secondly, when I attempt qcf motions on the same side, I’m often getting only down, forward; the stick reads it as me missing the down-forward input even though I know I’m not. And lastly, when I get hold upback (on the same side), I sometimes get a neutral jump. Is the stick misaligned or something, and how could I fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


I seriously doubt its the Sanwa JLF Joystick.
Go into a fighting game in training mode where you can see your inputs and confirm your suspicions.


I played some marvel earlier today with inputs on and these were indeed the problems I observed. I’m quite sure that this is a Sanwa stick, but I don’t know why this happened.


Miss or wrong inputs isn’t the joystick itself. There are only a grand total of 4 switches in a Sanwa JLF, each for UP, down, left and right. You simply can’t just press the Left Switch and get down left, it doesn’t work that way.
If you are getting input jitter, it is either the PCB, your system or your execution. I ask if your execution first as that is easy to correct (with practice) but its hard for players to admit to.


Having played marvel for 9 months, I’m confident my execution is good on the left side. Only recently have I been getting oddly consistent missed inputs. Using keyboard notation, when I do 214 (qcf/qcb), the screen input shows 24 and only sometimes my intended 214. Similar with holding 7; i get neutral jumps at times.
I’m a complete noob at joystick technicalities, so how could I fix the stick? Do I need to buy a new JLF stick or PCB and manually replace it?