Stick problems. need help

I’ve got this happ Perfect 360 Electronic Joystick, and its running into some problems. all the zones on the f, df, d, db, etc, are all supposed to feel even in size but when you actually play on this thing the d, u, b, and f positions are all HUGE, and the db, df, uf, and ub positions are all very small and in some cases almost non existent, making it difficult to jump back and forth or even block low.

can anyone shed some light on what the problem could be and how to fix it? id post some pictures, but i don’t think it would be very helpful. the stick looks normal.

Many thanks in advance

  • Fryborg

Happs quality control is horrible that’s why. There was a member here selling different actuators that correct the problem but I don’t know if he’s still having them made. Your best bet is to remove the 360 and put in a Happ Comp/ IL Eurostick.


On topic…it was GoldenNZ or GoldNZ wasn’t it that was dealing with the actuators? May want to search for the topic or search through the Trading Outlet as the thread was there.

thanks for the quick response.


I have had nothing but trouble with the Perfect 360 joysticks also.

I agree with Tetsuosan get the Industrias Lorenzo 8 Way Euro joystick you can get them at This is the best bat top style joystick and the most reliable. Just make sure you don’t get the Happ Competition.