Stick problems with HSF2

I just got my new custom in from Kaytrim ( awesome stick ), it works fine except for one thing.

I can’t get it to work properly with Hyper Street Fighter II on the ps2, I’ve tested both the CapKore (jp) version and the other versions which have 3s included, for some magical reason the stick STAYS in the up direction while in reality the stick is in neutral, wtf?

It works FINE with all my other games and imports so I really don’t know what’s going on here.

Anybody knows what’s going on ?

EDIT: OOPS posted this in the wrong forum by accident, MODS please move it to tech talk. Thanks

Reset the analog stick on the pcb. It may be slightly pointed up causing the jump effect.

Yeah, Kaytrim had hot glued the analog sticks down so the left one was stuck in the up position a bit, I removed the glue and repositioned it properly, it works now !

Thanks for your help.

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