Stick Purchased: PLEASE CLOSE


Hey guys,

I’m trying to get back into the fighting game scene so obviously I need to get myself an arcade stick.

Currently my budget is kind of low so the max I can afford at this time is $80 shipped. Let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out!


I have a ps2 stick I can throw an adapter with it. It’s 80 shipped.The usb connection only works on pc, not ps3.


Na, that wont work my priority is the PS3 not the PC. Thanks tho!


I modded the stick and fixed it. It now works for PS3 ps2 and pc. I figured out the problem.


I could hook you up if you dont mind mayflash or se sticks. Just pm me if your still looking.


Here’s a good low budget alternative. Already posted this in the ‘hot deals’ thread, but the WWE Brawlstick by Madcatz is on sale at Amazon for $30 w/ free shipping. It’s the same as the old Street Fighter SE sticks, but with crappy art. You could buy this and replace the buttons and stick with Sanwa parts and spend about $60 total on the project.


I am selling a Madcatz Brawl Stick for the PS3 modded with Sanwa parts.


He guys thanks for posting but I was able to get a stick locally yesterday. If I end up wanting a second one I’ll let you guys know. =]