Stick Question (need help from people who used these, one of these is X-Arcade)

Okay before I start, I would like comments only if you have used both. Don’t say something just sucks if you have never used it.

Now I am an arcade player, I play only in the arcade.

I am thinking of getting a stick that I can use with my Dell laptop.

I tried my friend’s X-Arcade ages ago and didn’t like it, but I have recently tried my friend’s MAS and wasn’t used to it either.

Now I need a stick just for training mode and since X-Arcade comes with 2 whereas MAS only 1 for the same price I’m thinking of getting an X-Arcade. Also MAS is not compatible with Dells I recently found out, only IBMs.

Now my question is, why is it again that X-Arcade is the worst stick?

I want to get a stick that I can use for my Dell laptop, what do you guys recommend?

I need something that isn’t expensive and has a good long warranty.

A MAS will work on a Dell, just get it with a Playstation connection then get a good Playstation to USB adapter. People usually get MAS sticks with a Competition stick, so if you played mostly in arcades you are probably used to Super sticks, which feel similar yet different.

The X-Arcade comes with cheap clones of these Super sticks, made by Happ/IL, as well as cheap clones of Happ/IL buttons. They aren’t THAT bad, but they definitely aren’t the same quality as Happ/IL stuff. Say you get an X-Arcade Dual stick with one side stock and one side Happ, you will feel the difference.

Another reason X-Arcades suck is the PCB. It definitely lags on Playstation and XBox, and many say it lags on PC too. X-Arcade is good for casual players, people who like to enjoy old-school games who don’t need the precision a fighting game player does.

If you get the X-Arcade Dual, keep in mind there isn’t much space between the sticks, and if you play with someone else you will be bumping into them constantly. It is a decent choice, but most likely you will end up like most people on SRK who have had X-Arcades, and regret buying it. It does have a great warranty though. It also has a 30 day return policy, so worst case scenario you can return it and maybe lose out on $20.

What I would do, which I have actually done before, is get an X-Arcade blank panel, then get all your own parts, ie. PCBs, sticks, buttons. If you can do all the work yourself, you will actually spend a little less than buying the premade X-Arcade, and have a much better product. Get 2 PS1 PCBs, 2 Super sticks, and 2 sets of standard concave pushbuttons, and you’re all set.

I used both before, I know X-Arcade has no room. I have large shoulders (picture a football player, 6 1 220lb).

This is, like I said, only for training mode though. Is the lag that bad if it’s just training mode practice?

I play arcade only but I want to get some combos/resets down.

Also is MAS still faster for PC since you need a converter while X-Arcade direct connect?

Thanks for inputs.

One reason why I don’t make custom is because I have no experience building and if shit happens if I bought with warranty I can get fixed.

Marvel players and buttons, you know how it is.

The recent versions of the PCB have little or no lag. But the thing is that the materials used in association with the PCB’s (The adapters) suck ass. They’re such shit quality, if the adapters aren’t on a perfectly flat plane then it loses connection. Which causes a Ps2 to reset. Or if you’re using a converter like pelican to Ps3, then it does alot of stupid shit like bring up the start menu constantly or the PS Button options. If anything go get a blank case, thats all I recommend anymore.

If you do the math, the Xarcade blank case (Dual stick case), the two pcbs, I/L Eurosticks, and competition buttons end up being tons cheaper than getting a mas stick. I think a member here said that it ended up being like 80 bucks versus the 100 for the Mas.

That price includes the two psx pcbs wired up with .187 Qds.

I have an xarcade tankstick and use it for of and ps2. I dont see any lag and my ps2 adaptor works great never had an issue. However the parts definately need to be swapped out with happ comp sticks and some buttons. I prefer the convex buttons to the concave ones. Just my 2 cents.

I don’t get it. So do you have an X-Arcade or a custom :confused: ?

Elder Id just rec u get a MAS… I was goin through the same thing u are… figuring out which one to get… I was like fuck it ill just order the mas cause wayyyyy more people have that over the X arcade so that should say alot…

Yea I was thinking that too but the whole MAS thing moves too easily, the X-Arcade is large and doesn’t move as much and is cheaper.

If I had a dc I would buy a MAS but I need something for training mode for pc.

the first sentence says “I have an xarcade tankstick” that’s what I have I have it hoocked to a pc and a ps2 with the xarcade ps2 adaptor. It works great. The parts are low quality so I swapped them out with happ parts. A novice probably won’t notice the quality issue. Its verry minimal. I like convex bottoms so I swapped those out. I also swapped the sticks for happ competitions I feel the engage more reliably since the dont use levers.