Stick question

Hey everybody!

I’d like to know your personal opinion on which is the stick/restrictor/buttons combination that feels the best and provides the best execution for you at CvS2.


It’s personal.

I used P360 stick with convex buttons…

Most people these days swear by Sanwa JLF’s… square gate, Sanwa buttons… I can’t use Jap sticks at all though (the buttons are great though).

But yeah, whatever you’re comfortable with…

I know, it’s just that I can’t stand square gates and I bought a cheap Hori Soul Calibur stick that comes with one, so the stick needs to be replaced, and so do the buttons.

Happ comp or Happ 360 (arcade cabinet @ UCD) with convex buttons all perpendicular instead of curved. It’s what I’m used to so it’s what I stay with. Japanese sticks feel a bit awkward to me and the gate is just too strange.

How are Korean sticks different than American sticks? Longer throw and softer spring?

i got a sanwa stick with octagonal gates and a bat top with american happ convex buttons.

it transitions into american sticks very very well, with some slight differences. some people find it a bit harder to dash on it though.

Where can I get one…

If not I want what the japanese play on…/ what do they play on?(like bas,OTK) when they travel.

I know Daigo used old namco and cfj hrap. OTK used the old ps2 FS1 iirc.

You can find japanese parts at lizardlick or buy them from ponyboy (excellent seller w/ good prices). If you’ve never played on Jap sticks, you’ll be in for a surprise as they feel completely different than American sticks. A lot looser and the buttons are very sensitive.

In fact, the reason American arcades can’t stock most Japanese parts is because they’d get broken extremely quickly due to the less “sturdy” design. In reality, the sticks are definitely durable enough to endure daily play for many years, just not the abuse that occurs w/ idiots who slam buttons and thrash the stick.

I know zip about sticks… I have been playing on the dreamcast stick(green goblin) for years… best stick I ever played on. My RC is like 99.9%.:looney:

If I could get anywhere close to that stick/buttons would be bitchN.

Right know I play on a Ps1 hori… Stick is wonderful but the buttons are random.:sad: