Stick randomly presses up


I have a ps2 hrap2 modded with a mad catz 360 pad pcb ( . I made it 3 months ago and it was working fine, until now. It randomly presses up so I get unwanted jumps. It doesn’t happen very often but it happens regularly. Anybody knows what the problem may be ? Thanks.


I had exactly the same problem on a mad catz retro pcb - I solved it by snipping off the tips of the analog sticks - not the whole stick, just the tip so it looks like this

Not sure if mine was catching the bottom of my box or not - but it solved the problem


The problem was the same : the bottom of the stick shaft was rubbing against the analog stick. I cut that mofo and now it’s working fine. Thanks a lot for your help man :tup:


No problem - glad it worked out!