Stick-Related Injuries

Sooooooooooooooooo, I think I’ve managed to injure my wrist somehow due to my fight stick usage. After finishing a session with my stick, I feel a sharp pain in the lower left side of my wrist whenever I move my right hand. It takes about a day for the pain to subside.

Anyone have any idea what I might have done?

perhaps find a more ergonomic grip? Referring to this thread:

What kind of grip are you using?

We’re talking about my button hand; not my stick hand.

you play on lap or floor? I notice if I’m on the floor my wrist hurt like instantly. Also you you plant your palm on the panel? If you keep your wrist raised you’ll run into less strain.

Try being cool and go six button. Less wrist movement by having all of your fingers right there.

When I read this, I first thought someone had been injured by a thrown TE.

i had my hand pinched from the stupid p-mall sticks without dust covers…

I place my stick on a 1.5 foot tall chest so I can sit on the floor and have the same sort of height difference I would have if I were sitting on a stool in front of a cabinet. Also, the base of my hand rests on the panel.

And, er, Nerrage? I have no idea what you mean by going six button. Are you assuming I use the PPP and KKK buttons? If so, well, I don’t. In fact, I don’t move my wrist at all while playing, which is why I find this whole situation to be odd.

when I first read this I was thinking, too many 360s/720s?!

Wow. I thought that may have been a problem.

Drink more milk! It makes your bones strong! But maybe the chest is making it a bit high on you. I like playing in my lap, but that’s me.

I noticed that I tense the fuck out of my button hand when I play and it has lead to some early stage carpal tunnel

Gotta keep that shit relaxed and flexible, do some hand/wrist/finger stretches before and after you play

yup , those are important

Calusus developed on part of my left hand due to the grip I used. Other than that, Happ sticks strain my arm every time I try to use them over a long period of time.

Play long enough, Eventually you stop feeling it.

Considering it’s getting worse each time I play, I don’t think it’s going to eventually stop. >_>

And, note that I posted this topic a little more than 5 hours ago. My wrist is still hurting despite not having played since then.

Give it a few days at least, if you’ve strained something, it’s not going to go in a few hours :lol:

Try playing stepmania on the keyboard, your hands/arms/shoulders(/eyes) will be stronger. [media=youtube]Jg921i6PSQQ[/media]

But really, no idea what’s causing it. Might be the angle of your hand on that raised surface, I think placing the stick in my lap while sitting on a regular chair is most comfortable for me and most people. I never had this ache that you just described even doing intensive training on this stepmania stuff; my hands/wrists were just sore for a single day sometimes and never again after that. And I’m not a buff dude or anything of course.

It could also be just one of those sores that’s there for a few weeks and not the playing that’s causing it, just aggrevating it. But if it keeps being sustained like that you should see a doctor about it.

dropped my stick on my toe once. shit hurt like hell

@Xyanide - When I first got my TE I decided to see how fast I could press the buttons on it accurately, so I tried a few level 12 and 13 songs on Stepmania (I’m a longtime Stepmania player).


“My dad said sometimes you just have to play through the pain” - Bobby Hill

I have the same thing happen to me, maybe carpel tunnel or something? Anyways I use this on my right hand & no more problems (unless I forget to wear it): Fitted Right Wrist Brace: Medicine Cabinet

Sucks to have to wear it but if I don’t it gets worse & worse everytime I play.