Stick Repair Question

So I got into a crazy accident a few weeks back that saw my TE stick to go flying out of my back seat and through rear window of my car.

To make a long story short when the car finally stopped spinning and the wreck had occurred I was facing traffic with my TE stick in its evo bag about 50ft in front of the car.

Everything worked except the jab button which was easily fixed.

But there are a couple scuffs, nicks, and rough edges on the plastic white part.

Whats the best thing to get to buffer out scratches and smooth out the rough edges caused by it skidding on the concrete

leave it. adds character to your stick!

Use some clear coat and buff out some of the scratchs if you can and omg its james

i wouldve been crying if i seen that happen to my TE

i would prolly take care of the car and other things first before the stick.

but seriously though, can we get some pics of it?

Omg, that accident sounds baad ass! lol typical stick lover, after the accident I’m guessing your running to see if the stick was OK.

If its the case leave it.
if it’s the artwork just change it.
But if you really want to fix it, just use some fine grit sand paper and put some promoter+paint+clearcoat.