Stick Sale [Now with Youtube Vid!] PRICES Dropped (02-24-09)

So, jealousy is a green-eyed monster. For a short few weeks after finishing my custom stick I had a pride in it like it was the best custom stick I had seen on SRK, and it was beautiful. However, TRNG’s personal stick by Tim Norris was sleek on a different level, many people around here regard it as the perfect arcade stick. We all play Street Fighter around these forums, so god knows we are competitive beyond the average person; being no exception, I hit the drawing board again and now I am making another custom which I hope will be even more impressive than TRNG’s baby. Anyway, long story short, I’m selling all my other joysticks because I won’t be needing them anymore and money is a sweet sweet thing.

Four Sticks for sale: Prices don’t include shipping, I will lower the prices if people don’t make offers, but don’t count on that happening because I think everything here is priced fairly.

Also, my user feedback is available here:

Don’t forget to watch the youtube video going over these sticks!


SOLD - My Baby


SOLD - Blaze Twin Shock Arcade**


SOLD - Dual PCB (PS2/PS3/XBOX 360) Tekken 5 Stick**


SOLD — Sanwa Hori EX2**

thats a nice t5 stick.

Man, I’ve always thought the stick in your av was slick, but I’ve never seen the full thing. Looks awesome.

hehe wait till you see the video :slight_smile: it’s processing right now on youtube.

awesome sticks

Will there be quick disconnects on that eX2 stick?

depends if the buyer requests it, yes I can do QD’s on there.

Man i would have jumped on this before i bought that messed up one…What color is the balltop?

green or yellow, whatever you want. the green one is in the photo. Also you can mail me your ex2 for credit towards this one if you like.

ok it depends how much credit can i get for it? How much for just the PCB?

damn that tekken stick is fucking sexy. i gotta wait tho this is just too bad of an economy.

Just so you know, you’re not allowed to post in here.

1st stick looks amazing, is it a wireless?

Good luck with the sales!

updated op with video :slight_smile:
Aaron the custom isn’t wireless, but if anyone purchases it I can swap out the pcb inside so that it actually IS wireless :). No charge.

Do you have a picture of the art that is on the custom? I am trying to make out what it is of.

hey Sazae,
Good question, I can maybe add a picture to this thread later when I find the original image. But for now you can see it up close in my video [media=youtube]5_CXzZXMZVI&fmt=18[/media]

haha nevermind about the PM i sent you the bright green got me

EX2 sold, I have offers on the Tekken 5, but I’m looking for more as those people did not respond after I gave them details on shipping costs haha :X (they live internationally though, hopefully someone from USA is interested.)

T5 sold also, only the custom and blaze left now.

You got PM :slight_smile: