Stick selection and Electronic grounding


Hey! Thanks for all of the great information so far. I have some questions. I am planning on building my own xbox 360 arcade stick and have all of the supplies so far, except for the stick itself. Does anyone have any recommendations for the stick? I’m looking for a stick that resembles that of my real arcade pro stick.

By the way, I was planning on going about the wiring according to these:

I’m confused how to properly ground the wiring, though. Would I have to connect all of the controller grounds in the 2nd picture to their respective button grounds in the first picture and that’s it? Or would I then have to solder one common ground wire to each and every ground that was soldered in the last sentence? Thanks for all of your help, I hope I was clear enough.


the xbox 360 pads dont use a common ground. You’ll have to use two wires to each button/direction.

real arcade pro uses a Sanwa stick. Check the threads, and pickout what you like.