Stick Shorting Question

I dunno how the hell to search for this, so here’s a new thread.

My Namco stick has been having some problems lately - every so often while playing, the stick will cut out and not work for a while, then not long after that, come back alive again.

I’ve opened up the stick several times but I can’t seem to pinpoint the location where the problem could lie. Anyone who has experienced this with any stick or has fixed this would be of great help. If it’s easily rectifiable, then hit me up some tips so I can keep this shit from happening…

…otherwise I need to get a new stick quickly! D:

Thanks in advance.

Maybe there’s a break in the cable? Try and see if moving the cable around turns it on and off.

Well, I move it around a bit and it works, but after using the stick some more, it just fails again. The only break in the cable is a small one made by a subtle soldering iron scrape, but I’ve had that for years and it’s been covered since, so I’m pretty sure that’s not the problem.


It’s somewhere inside the stick though…because if I move the cable on the outside while the stick isn’t working, it doesn’t start to work again.

Maybe the PCB is just crapping out. If so, easy fix.

Cool, so how does one tackle the problem - I’d like to sort this out asap!