Stick shoulder


If I play fighting games for too long (more than two hours) my left shoulder starts to act up. The problem is it keeps hurting for days. Obviously I should take it easy with fighting games when my shoulder acts like this but what I would like to know is… what am I doing wrong? None of my friends have this and I guess pro players play for more than two hours, every day. I try to use my fingers and wrist instead of my shoulder but it doesn’t seem to help… Dashing seems to be shoulder killer number one, so practising Abel’s step kick -> hp and Rufus’ FADC ultra is a problem.

And yes, if my shoulder doesn’t get any better I will see a doctor :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe you can tell me what I’m doing wrong so I don’t mess up my shoulder any worse.


Well, does doing anything else like say lifting or throwing or working in general hurt your shoulder? If so then you should probably see a doctor. If not I really don’t know what your doing so wrong to be putting your shoulder in pain for days just by using a stick.


What stick are you using? If it’s one with a light weight and small case than that might be the problem. IMO the case should have a bit of weight to keep it stable when you’re playing. If it keeps sliding around you’re going to strain something because you have to keep repositioning it. Also, if it’s a small case it might prove to be a bit uncomfortable because you might have to hold it in an awkward position, particularly if put it on your lap when playing.

I’ve had no problems when playing on a Madcatz TE or HRAP 3… But both my shoulders quickly get sore when using smaller, lighter sticks for extended periods.


Try minimizing your movements, japanese style sticks are very light so you don’t need to put that much effort into moving it. Also let the movements come from your wrist and not your entire arm.

I sometimes have the same problems though, I take it easy for a while when I do.


Do you tense up a lot when you’re playing?
Are you very forceful with the joystick?
Does your “buttons shoulder” ever hurt too?

And most importantly what bowfacekillah said.

There shouldn’t be anything particularly strenuous about using (good) arcade controls, so if it’s producing a lot of discomfort for you it’s probably a sign of an underlying, pre-existing problem. Definitely go see your doctor. :frowning:


Thanks for the advice guys. I’m not forceful with the stick at all, but I guess I do tense up a bit. My ‘buttons shoulder’ is fine BTW.

I’ve had some problems with my shoulder when I used to work out a lot (I’ve stopped going), but it never really hurt. I guess I’ll go visit the doctor some time soon… (not one of those “I really want to tell the world I work out” remarks, just a bit of history :smile: )