Stick Silencer

I wonder if stick makers know of an form of device that silence the jiggling of the sticks when rolling. Aside from using an Ocatgonal gate. Any ideas?

Being an Ivy user and having ppl hear ur buffering command throws from a mile always had been a problem ever since going into stick.

Try filling the inside of it with rubber foam. You know the kind of stuff you might have in a pillow.
If replacing the stick is an alternative you could always switch to a perfect 360.

Turn the music up louder.

Buy the Flash 1 in the Trading outlet? Find an Ascii optical?

Clear your throat loudly every time you buffer your command throw to cover up the sound of the joystick. When people start to catch on, cough for no reason and then hit them instead. Soon their minds and defenses will crumble against your metagame mixup strategy, and you can declare that you have truly out-thought and out-played them I.R.L. This will be an ultimate victory.

^One of deadfrogs 99 killing arts?

Thx for the feedback.

Sorry, can u emphasise a bit more on the two. Im after some parts which my builder can add on. Thx

Doesnt help if they r beside me.

How does a perfect 360 compare with the sanwa?


Sorry. The Sanwa Flash 1 and Ascii (Flash 1 clone) are optical joysticks, so no clicking is heard due to switch hits like other joysticks have. I believe the P360 is the same, but they have had some major manufacturing defects and malfunctions and made pretty poorly since Happ took them over from Wico. Although I believe GoldenNZ sells a replacement “washer” to alleviate the problem, though costly.

Davo87, this dude used something called “bitumen”… dampens sound and adds weight. It’s too bad the imbedded pictures are dead now, but as I recall it looks like thin sheets of gray-black foam. No idea where you’d buy it though!!

Unfortunately my only killing art is saying I quit after somebody beats me, and then talking shit about them to everyone later when they’re not around.

play loudly in general. or fake them out with the sounds of the stick ie do the buffering for summon suffering and then do the opposite break throw (i forget which it was, a or b).

it works if you know for sure they are listening for it. like in tekken i like to do chains of misery motions and then do 1 or 2 break throws because i know the opponent was listening/watching for a 1+2 break. gets em everytime!

Talkin about fatigue lol. Ivy’s command throws in SCIV are more breakable now. And buffering during recovery is much harder tighter. Thing is, her SS and CS are in split btn two different stances making it easier for ppl to know what to break. She can still do a normal throw of the opposites respectively, tho it ofcos much lesser dmg. :wink:

deadfrog and Imitrex, Thx for the info.

Ive had a bad feeling with HAPP sticks. Tho I prefer a flawless Sanwa stick.
Bitumen mat or foam. Theres probably many ways to improvise. :slight_smile: Good to know. I’ll update if there r good news.

Ill also give the killing art a go. LOL Tho I probably mite burst out laughing anyway. Ill try to not fail. :wink:

Haha yeah the killing art would be my best bet - haha

But seriously, I think that the idea of “insonoring?” the stick box is great!