Stick sold!

VLX sold.

I would like to buy it, if you can hold it for me, I just can’t access my private messages atm, and I am a verified Paypal user

Sure. Once you get access to them, just hit me up via PMs.

Thanks so much

Pm sent


Why are there no pics of the VLX itself?

I approve!!!
Bump this for Dragon Slayer.

Cause laziness has overtaken me. The less I have to open it, the quicker I can pick it up and drag it to the post office. Plus, it’s brand new. I doubt I’d pull anything shady on this site considering I’ve been here for 10 years. But, if push comes to shove I guess I can post up pics of it itself tomorrow since I’m not home atm.

Again I can vouch for DS. He is a very reliable person, and everything is new, don’t mind the package.
Everything is sealed.

LoL, it’s all good man, was jus’ curious. Didn’t realize you tenure in the community…
If it were 360, I’d be all over this…good luck!