Stick Storage - How do you store/organize yours?

So due to the wickedness of the sticks I’ve witness on this forum, I’ve now become addicted to collecting/building joysticks. It’s now come to a point I’m having trouble figuring out how to put/store them (I’m at 8 sticks now…).

Haven’t seen a thread dedicated to how people store/organize their arcade sticks, I thought i’d start one! Would love to see how everyone organized their arcade sticks!

if i had a lot of sticks i would probably hang them up in my room haha and if i ever needed to use one i would just take it off the hook. u ever seen MTV cribs where the guy has so much skateboards he just hangs them up in his house?

That would be badass, lol, except i would be hella scared of them falling and breaking.

haha fo sho i would make sure they are properly supported. if i ever dropped my TE i would cry

I just recently put up shelves in my game room to hold some of the sticks.

And the rest of the sticks are in the closet with my extra xboxes

i just used a bit of picture wire wrapped around two of the TE feet screws to do these.

I was wondering how you did that. Nice job Happystickperson

@HappyStickPerson, <3 the TE brackets!

dayeeem that is a siiick collection pkrstdnt! are the sticks stable putting it at an angle on shelves like that? Do you need some kind of reinforcement? I might try the picture frame thing actually, that’s pretty dope~

That was in art gallery right?
I saw that long ago.

They stay up pretty well, unless i slam the door when my cat bites me when playing my guitar too loud haha

man u guys are rich i sweare

my all-white modded stick, I keep it wrapped in a t-shirt when i’m not using it >_> don’t want it to get dirty

Seriously… HappyStickPerson that is brilliant! I’ve seen installation artists who spend truck loads more time on their craft and it doesn’t have the same effect that you got with a simple execution… props and such, as the kids say.

Yup, it was in art show.

Most of my sticks are hanging like Oro up in my office closet where I store my RetroGame Console collection. Got almost everything that was mainstream popular except a Neo Geo, 3DO, and Atari, and other obscure systems.

Some on my office bookshelf.

Since I only really need to use one or two, I make use of my HSS-0130 and VLX and store them under the coffee table where I have my HDTV in the living room.

I have a really big twinstick, but it takes up so much space that It is never practical to use it. The coffee table is the only surface big enough for it but then I have to clean up too much space, it becomes almost a chore to get set infront of the TV. I hope hang it on a wall sometime. For now I store it behind my electronics table.

Hmmfor most part wherever is convenient, mostly under my bed though since they won’t get bumped or anything under there.

If I’d ever get more than the 2 sticks I have now I’d put some guitar brackets on my wall to place them on, they have soft padding to grip it and protect against scratches at the same time. They look clean and minimal too and unless there’s a scale 4 eartquake they wouldn’t fall off I think.

I have a pretty large desk where I can place them both on at the moment.

I keep pondering about getting briefcases to stick em in, so far I still only have one as my 2nd is still not built yet, but since I still have one I just leave it on the basement floor. only I really use that space. But since I gotta make room, i’m most likely going to put it in the wardrobe that’s beside the TV.