Stick Testing and Beginner Tips

Hey all, i’m very very new to sticks. I’ve played in a few arcades in the US and in Japan but have only used a stick <10 times since i’ve started playing SF about two years ago. So anyway, i was very happy to find out that my sticks arrived today and i picked them up as soon as i got out of school. I now have 2 Madcatz Standard Edition FIght Sticks, and i’ve only just started playing around with them now (im fucking aweful with them too. lol.). So i have a few questions that i couldn’t find specific answers to yet.

1.) I’d like to know how to thoroughly test my stick to make sure it is working correctly. ** – Of course, i’ve tried it out so far on HDremix (ps3) and Third Strike (ggpo), and even though im having difficulty pulling things off, it is more than likely that it is my own lack of stick experience that is getting in the way. – So what can I do to make sure all my buttons and my joystick are working perfectly, without having my lack of skill as a factor?
My second question is about my joystick and a sound that it is making. Obviously it is supposed to make a weak clicking sound when you move it from neutral to a direction. However, **sometimes it tends to make a deeper sounding click like it is hitting something inside the stick, not sure if it is the plastic or something else or what. Is this normal or am i being to rough with my motions? **Also, as a followup, how much punishment can these sticks take? Obviously i dont want to break the stick or any of the microswitches by moving it around too roughly… Is that possible or are these things usually pretty strong?

**3.) What general tips for using a arcade stick should i know. **I have a pretty good handle on street fighter “theory” and i have learned how to do most stuff on a pad since i started playing a while back. However, now that i have a stick i’ve been struggling to do simple things; for instance, i find that quarter circle motions to actually be harder for me to consistently do on my new stick. Also, i’ve been having a very hard time doing supers on the stick too, sometimes i get a shoryuken instead of a QCFx2 super. (obviously as i practice i’ll get used to the stick and get better, and i know there isnt any quick way to learn or any shortcut, but what general tips should i know and think about while learning.) – For instance, is there a certain way i should be holding the stick? Should my fingers be hovering above the buttons or resting on them? Should i mash a button after i do the motion, or should i piano the buttons or what? – Anything else you can think of that i should would be extremely helpful.

I’m really hoping i can get a decent grip on using a stick by the time SF4 comes out. Right now i’ve been spending time in training/arcade move just trying to get my normals and specials to come out consistently. lol. Its harder than it seems. :rofl: – Also, i’d really like to test both my sticks thoroughly before SF4 comes out so i can make sure they are both working correctly. Its very hard for me to discern at the moment if it is my fault or if it is the stick’s fault. :wgrin: (probably and hopefully my fault…)

Thanks for any helpful answers in advance. :wgrin:

To test the stick just go into training and click everything. If something isn’t working then it isn’t working. Not much more you can do. If you can click all the directions and all the buttons work and you can’t pull off a super then it’s probably you.

There is a plastic gate on the inside that it hits against. I can’t speak for the quality of Mad Katz stick so I’ll have to leave this one at that.

Practice. Practice. Practice. For QC try not to use the corner of the gate. Try to glide in a QC motion rather then a forward up motion.

anyone have tips on doing ken’s dash + crouching MK + super in 3rd strike?

i can execute this 100% of the time on my keyboard but like 20% on my stick.

the super is what messes me up.

Try different grips when holding your stick. I find that my natural tendency is to hold the ball from the side with three fingers, but when I put those three fingers over the top of the ball, my accuracy improves dramatically. I just have to remind myself to do it.