Stick thread Suggestion: Customer service reviews

We have a huge community here on Shoryuken dot com and collectively we spend serious coin on consoles, peripherals, accessories, games and parts for modifying/customising our sticks. This is why We need a permanent customer service review thread.

Most people buy online because they either want to save coin by avoiding retail stores and shopping centres where your paying for a seventeen year old insincere greetings and clueless advice, or because the only place your going to get a octagonal gate for your stick is online.

This is a suggestion people, lets have a Customer service review thread spilt into regions where people can praise and warn people about online retailers. I recently had dire dealings with two UK based retailers, please save someone else the irritation that I endured for over twenty days and name and shame these rouge traders.

Please speak up about the decent custom stick builders, arcade stick part retailers, places where you can save money on consoles, peripherals, accessories and games. I will mention a single good UK retailer of arcade parts: gremlinsolutions dot co dot uk.

I hope when someone is interested in ordering with a company they will google ?****** review? and get directed to this thread and read you shinning review or tales of caution.**

(F.A.O. Forum Admin: If this thread isn?t worded correctly or in the wrong place yet you think this is a good idea, please delete or edit it with my permission. I sincerely think people will benefit from this thread.)

Keep it decent and try not to get explicit people!

Pretty sure there’s already something like this in Tech Talk. Either way, not for GD.