Stick to last_gen for fighting games?


Stick to last_gen for fighting games? What should i do?


Are you ASKING if you should stick to last gen FG’s? If so I say yes, wait a while for the new consoles to get more FG’s and to become more adopted. I really would like to play Killer Instinct but it’s not worth a new console just to play it. I am waiting for SFV and Tekken 7 to come out before I really consider moving to next gen consoles for fighting games. Then again it boils down to how bored you are with the current gen fighting games or how badly you want to play newer FG’s. I’m happy to stick with my 360 and play USFIV, SF3S and P4AU.


Yes , that was the question . Sorry for my bad english , but its not my native language.


There aren’t many FG’s yet on ps4/xbox one, but if you are satisfied with GG xrd and Injustice than, you will probably be able to last long enough till awesomeness like MKX comes out