Stick Training/Drill software (Guitar Hero style?)

Probably not quite the right forum, but I figure this might be more up the tinkerers alley.

My execution sucks. And by that I mean my general motor skills are garbage. So I need to do drills. But since drills are boring, I don’t do them. Story of my life.

Now I figure: If drills were an actual game, I’d probably do them. So I’m looking for games that can be used to drill moves. What I’m looking for is games that make me do inputs and then tell me if I did them correctly and where I messed up. A big plus would be the ability to start slow – at a pace where I can conciously do the motions perfectly – and then gradually speed up until I can do them fast and reliable.

Long story short: I’m kind of looking for a Guitar Hero style game that I can repurpose for fighting game execution.

I’ve found Frets on Fire (sort of an Open Source clone of GH), which looks promising. But I’m not sure it can easily be made to support 8 + 6 distinct “strings” (directions + buttons). If it could, it’d be perfect. I know Python well enough, so I guess I could could hack the source if need be. But before I go through all that hassle, I thought I’d ask whether there is something of that sort out there already. You folks know anything of the sort?

(I know about Execution Aid, but for me it is not “immediate” enough. And it certainly isn’t a game, so it doesn’t really fit the bill)

Nah, Trial By Fire is the best.

Find a buddy, play 1-2hrs every other night, you’ll eventually “get” it.

Try to be more conscious of your hands, maybe? I know it’s hard (I still fluff my execution for FADC due to my mind not being ready), but you’ll get there eventually.

i’d like to try to program like that too…my 1 and 2 frame combos need alot of work…kikimaru, some of us don’t even have that much time to spend practising.

When I first started I came from a decade of PC FPS. It took me a while to get my left hand motions down since usually my left hand just controls a small cluster of keys around WASD. I went into this with an ITG mindset and I just overtime slowed the motions down in my head kind of, I can’t really explain it. You know when you’re playing some rhythm game and what may seem fast to others is somewhat slow to you since you can anticipate where the next arrow/note is going to be. That’s what I did and I just kept practicing it and now I can do Akuma’s c.lp c.lp c.lp > lk tatsu > lp dp > FADC > hp red fireball without even really thinking about it.