Stick Training

Hello guys. So, I just got my HORI RAP 4 last week. It’s my very first stick and quite naturally, I suck on it. The thing is, I don’t think I’m getting better as I play on it. I’m a T. Hawk main and can execute all of his moves easily on a DS4, but I’ve been planning to get more serious in SFV and maybe join some tournaments.

I seem to be doing better with charge characters than with motion-based characters on my stick. The SRK motion feels like hell to execute for some reason. And as a result, I can’t do SRK > FADC > Ultra consistently. As a result, Hawk’s Condor Spire pressure becomse harder for me to apply efficiently on stick. Also some problems with the charge characters, but that mainly has to do with me getting used to the stick. My biggest gripe is with blocking cross-ups. I can’t seem to move the stick to the other side fast enough. Any tips for that?

So, my questions are: will I get better in time? How long will it take? Any newbie-friendly characters that you can suggest to get used to the stick? Is there a video tutorial from which I can benefit?

Thanks for the replies in advance.

check out the execution sticky here in the newbie dojo