Stick Transition

hi, newbie here. i will start with a little introductions so that you guys can help me with my problem. i am a very competitive player, but nothing has puzzled me as much as fighting games. because for some reason i can’t seem to be, at least, good at it. my typical forte for games are RPG’s, strategy, shooters, and platformers.

i’ve played SF before and a little tekken but i have to admit it wasn’t pretty(button mash, panic, cry in defeat). and since im very competitive i usually take it so hard that i train, and then try again, but its usually the same result. and now recently i have slowly improved, i can say im pretty good at it, but when im only using the D-pad. now, here in lies the problem. of course if you want to show and test your skills your going to have fight in arcades and casual matches with friends right? and most of the time its the [dreaded] joystick/analog stick that they’re always using. i can’t seem to “feel” the joystick and the result would be me looking like a total noob, which i am.

so, what do i need to do to improve with the stick? is it really just practice till my left hand dies out? or is there some sort of “feel”, like what my friends told me, to the joystick. i really want to get into fighting games, because i think its a very fun way of showing-off skill and precision, -and well of course the bragging right is a bonus.

PS: i prefer SF. seriously, i have 0 future with tekken and those juggles. i hate those juggles to the very depths of hell.
PPS: and yes, i have seen videos but to no avail.

It mainly takes practice…

You can also read this thread for some good advice…

well… lol if you like RPGs and strategy then those mental aspects can be carried over to fighting games. the biggest misconception about competitive fighting games is that people generally see it as "oh he just gets close and begins the crazy combo! ok so if i practice that very combo i can beat chris G, jwong, PR balrog, ect!. wrong. inputs are barely the foundation lol theres a lot of mental, physical, and psychological skill that comes with competitive fighting games. you have to be smart about where you position yourself, know when to approach, when to escape the corner, when to spend the meter youve built thus far. its ridiculous how deep and immersive this genre is. now on to the main issue lol if you want to switch to an arcade stick it takes time… luckily for me i adapted in only a week but thats because i spent at least 5 hours everyday doing nothing but practice inputs and grinding it out in the lab. it takes time thats all there is to it really just be patient and practice practice practice eventually itll just be natural to use the arcade stick.

hmm… that is true, the mind game in RPG’s and strat games will help me when trying to play fighting games but the thing is, in those games you usually have hours, or at least a few minutes to seconds to formulate your game-plan. what i find challenging in fighting games is that you to be fast, spontaneous and also not so easily predicted. i do have to admit that i go to panic mode especially when im stuck in the corner or if all of my attacks get block(daigo’ed) and then i tend to be a mindless 8 yr old mashing on the buttons. which is what i probably should work on. and with the stick, guess i’ll just have to buy a stick then and practice for at least a few hours a day. hopefully it would be as brutal as when i tried doing hard and expert on guitar hero, by brain doesn’t seem to want to register the fifth note or maybe my pinky is just stupid.

it just takes time lol i was the same way starting out a few months ago but eventually you’ll learn how to be patient