Stick translation

Whats up yall, new here. I bought sf4 when it came out and chose to main abel. I was playing on a pad and I was pretty comfortable with my abilities with him, but the other day I decided to pick up a stick and stop playing on a pad. My game has leveled up significantly with other characters, but has gone down with abel. I can land some of his more strict links much easier than I ever could on a pad, but There are a few combos I just can’t do anymore. for the most part I can never land this one:
c.HP xx Marseilles roll xx Falling sky. I can pull off plain old c.HP xx Falling sky, but when I try to add marseilles roll I get sloppy. Any tips you can offer me so I can start pulling these combos off like I used to?

Try to cancel into the roll as soon as the possible after the second hit. You can buffer the falling sky after that. Other than that, my only suggestion would be 10 minutes in training mode. time well spent.

Where is the problem? From the c.hp to the roll, from the roll to the fs, or combining all 3?

It’s from the c.HP to the roll. To be honest I used to take advantage of the shortcuts on the pad and usually ended up mashing into the roll, it worked every time. Buffering FS from the roll is no problem.

i used to have problems going from c.fp to a roll to…but just remember to return the stick to the down middle position after the animation for the c.fp starts and then right about the second hit of the c.fp start your roll…just takes a little practice