Stick Up For Grabs

Hi, i’m new to the stick making thing but i’m putting this stick up for grabs. I will try to get better pics, i still have some stuff to finish, i need one more screw for the joystick and the bottom is not painted yet. There are 7 buttons and all are Happ competition pushbuttons, the joystick is a Happ competition Joystick and the PCB is a PS1 controller which was tested on PS1, PS2 PS3 (via USB converter) and PC MAME (also via USB converter) and it works 100% on all of them. It’s made on 3/4 MDF board and it has a hinge to for easy access to the insides. I will finish it tonight & try to post some pics, price is $80.00 + Shipping.

Ill take it.

post a price

you must post a price, you can not say make offers. please edit your post

Thats easily between 60-80…Lot of stuff missing to make it any higher.

$75 + shipping is what it’s worth about

wood - $20
buttons = $14
stick = $14
pcb = $5

$53 + $20 labor…

interested. where do you live?

Nice looking stick, but I have a feeling those open holes around the joystick are going to rape someone’s hands…

I was thinking the same too