Stick Users: Wrist/Thumb pain?

I’ve been holding the stick the same way(wine glass style) for a couple years now and I’ve never had any pain.

However, in SF4, there’s a lot of FADCing and all that stuff and I find it puts a lot of strain on my thumb because I use my thumb a lot to do QCF motions and back dashing on a stick.

So yeah, now my whole thumb all the way down to my wrist on the side the thumb is on is sore.

Guess I should rest eh? But I’m just wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me.


No, I’m not a doctor. But if I was I would tell you to rest.

You use your thumb for QCF? Hrmm I’ve never tried that. Perhaps that’s why I’m slow in reaction time…

I personally never held it wineglass style – seemed awkward… but I’d probably just stiffen my thumb and use my wrist to backdash.

Right now I’m feeling thumb pain from playing on the 360 controller… The analog is a real pain.

My wrist hurts from doing something else, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop doing it. I love scooping Ice Cream!

My pain is in exactly the same place as yours, though mine comes from the 360 dpad. I just wrote a long post about this a couple days ago:

In short, buy one or two Imak SmartGloves with thumb support. And probably you’ll want to modify how you hold the stick, and/or play less. :frowning:


I just take more breaks now.