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So how do you guys have your stuff setup? I got a TE stick tonight, and so far I hate it. Well not really, it feels pretty nice, but I’m used to mangling my pad, and this thing is sensitive.

Do most stickers play standing? I can hardly tolerate sitting and using this thing, it feels super-awkward. ATM I have it on top of my GH + the box it came in, and I’ve moved a good 3 feet closer to the TV, otherwise it just feels weird. Any suggestions?


everyone holds their stick differently. you’ll either get used to it and reap the benefits of less execution mistakes or give it up and go back to your comfortable pad and suffer because of it.

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I just sit in a chair and play on my lap…


Got my stick 3 days ago and I’m having the worst time adjusting to it, though i have to say FADCing with the stick is easier. As for how I play, I play with the stick on my lap sitting on my bed.


Yeah just keep practicing using the stick. I remember how hard it was the first couple of months I got a stick (was around the time when people were still jerking off over the Daigo vs Justin Wong video).

Some people put the stick on their lap, but its too shaky for me. So I just fold my legs, and put the stick away from my crossed legs. Though in the end, its whatever you feel comfortable with.


i just play it on my lap. or sometimes i get another chair and put the stick there


I usually just play with it on my lap, but I think a small table low to the ground in front of me where I could put the stick would be best.


At home I swap between lap and a stool I sit it on. Both have their issues. Stool I have a more “permanent” height/location for my hands (where on my lap it will shift depending on how I sit). Lap I have stability, since the sticks slide around on the stool.

You also have a hump to get over simply shifting from pad to stick. For most people the transition won’t really set in over night. It’s gonna take time, but it’s worth it.

Here’s another thread on the topic.


I finally got my stick on Tuesday, and so far I have to stand to be consistent at pulling off anything. It’s been years since I’ve hung out at arcades, but it still feels unnatural to sit at a stick.

The only thing I found that was the right height was this. Only mine’s not all chrome. I’m able to put other stuff in the racks and it rolls around, so it’s easy to put away. I’m still working on a way to easily hang my wireless controllers from the hooks, though.

Edit: oh yeah, the wheels lock, so it doesn’t move around a lot.


Sadly, I feel that a lot of people are getting sticks just so they can feel like they are a pro player. My friends got their TE sticks, and they suck with them, and just use the xbox controllers. I asked them why they dropped $170 for them and they said to be cool…

Speaking of TE sticks. I ordered my TE stick from a local Seattle area gamestop on 12-5-08, and I still have not gotten it. WTF?!?!?! I have basically lost hope for it.


ahah wow…


I own a MAS Systems stick (American), A Modded Street Fighter SE Stick (all Sanwa parts), and a stock Hori FS3. Depending on the stick depends on how I prefer to play. With the MAS stick, since it’s huge, I usually sit on the floor and sit it on the floor in front of me. With the SE or the Hori I like to sit those on a table or in my lap since they are a lot smaller. But as far as which stick I prefer to use regularly, that would be the MAS Stick. American parts just feel better to me =x


Controller FTW. I got the regular stick when the game came out, but after two months of failing woefully to adjust, I decided to trade it in. I’m a much better pad player than I probably ever will be with a stick.


i just sit down and put it on a coffee table.

i cannot for the life of me play with a joystick sitting in my lap though. i actually went and bought a tv tray yesterday and am going to bring it with me whenever I go play offline matches with a group of people so I can sit my joystick on it when i play.



I’ve had a stick for a while now. I just modded it and picked up Ryu as my main. So I’ve been practicing with him a lot in the practice arena. Sadly, I’m still used to charge characters, and pulling off supers or ultras from the left side of the screen (so going DFx2 to the right) is extremely inconsistent for me. I don’t know, I still need to get used to the motion on the stick to do down forward down forward (right).

It’s annoying, to say the least. With charge characters (Bison or Blanka) using the stick is 100% natural. I just haven’t spent enough time with quarter circle motion characters using a stick.


stick owns.

i switched and got used to it over 2-3 months

cant play on pad anymore


I saw you post that before - you still haven’t gotten it? Can you get your money back? If so, you might as well - availability from elsewhere is no longer an issue.



I was a OG stick player from stand up ST boxes… went to pad then went back to stick.

I don’t think i’ll go back to pad for fighting games


I got my TE stick 3 weeks ago, and I plan on perfecting my skills. I am not looking back. I do mess up alot, but I know it will take practice to get my stick skills up to par with my pad skills.