Stick vs Pad?





Stick is how you properly play a fighting game, or almost any game for that matter. Pads re what women use amduring “that time” of the month


Didn’t think Beat’em up’s, Shoot’em ups, Fighters, and the like made up most of the gaming genres…could have fooled me.

Sticks are a wise investment if your willing to commit to playing whatever fighting game(s) your learning/playing. Darksakul’s noob guide has a wealth of information regarding them.


Depends. Anything requiring button mashing needs a joystick. Anything with well precisioned jumps and movement, obviously a controller.


What this guy says


Just got a fight stick. Can’t wait to learn how to use this beast!!!

need to find info on plinking and piano keys and etc


This is a very good explanation/tutorial on the concepts and execution behind plinking/pianoing/etc.


i personally love playing on a stick. but for instance, i started playing KOFXIII on a pad and now I cant quite grasp playing it on a stick D:


IMO 360 motions are a bitch to do on a pad, but on the other hand buffering is a lot easier on a pad.


Wait so do you think that if someone designed some kind of hybrid stick where the stick was a dpad on the left edge that it would be hands down better than both?


@SpoR im sure this has been done… Not sure about better though cumbersome yes better… Debatable


You mean this?

Also, this:


I play Marvel 3 on a pad and everything else on a stick. Weird, I know.


I’m the same way with mortal kombat, seems more convent.


It’s understandable because Eighting fighting games do feature dumbed down gameplay. Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Kamen Rider, those fights get ridiculously chaotic because everything is so much simpler.


Tekken on pad for me stick for everything else… The only game for me that im better with pad


Dude, I’m exactly the same. I thought I was alone!


to be fair, tekken and mahvel are four button fighters, so pad is really good for them

tekken is also 3d which isn’t very sanwa or seimetsu stick friendly


What talk of fighting games on a pad?