Stick w/ biggest box/base

Hey kids…

Looking to make (actually have made) a controller using an SNK rotary stick. As you may or may not know, these things require a whopping 7cm of height (inside the stick) due to the thingy at the bottom. So, an Agetech mod is way out of the question. Anyone know of a commercial stick that can be gutted that this will fit in? Pretty sure an HRAP ain’t going to cut it. I know a Sigma 9000TB won’t either. Japanese button layout is a must. I’d be using it on a Sigma AV7000, btw.

Aside from that, what happened to all the custom builders threads? I’ve not been here in a while, but I don’t see anyone advertising custom sticks. I’m kind of banned from soldering in the house (small child running around) so until I get my own office (might be months/years) I’ll have to pay someone. Finding someone that makes a base big enough might prove to be a challenge.

paging GIGA-MSX to thread

If you end up having one built, check in the trading outlet. That’s where all the custom stick ads abound.

Cool, thanks for the heads up. Guess I should’ve scrolled down there. I’ve sent out one inquiry, let’s see what happens.