Stick...which stick?


hello…again… :slight_smile:
i’m going to order the buttons for my custom dc stick soon and i’d like to know if it’s possible to do this thing.
Let me explain to u.

I have this stick in my custom ps2/pc stick:
and i want to replace that stick with an original sanwa…well…which sanwa model i have to buy?

moreover, i want to put that sanwa imitated stick in my custom dc, but the original blaze is this one:

as u can see the wires to the stick are solder. Can i replace the blaze stick with the other one? if yes…how?


get a sanwa JLW

do you know how to solder?


ok thx but i dont need to solder anything if i replace the imitated one with an original sanwa JLW,right?

for the dc stick…so i can solder the imitated one instead of the dc one,right?


yes, you can replace the stick in the custom ps2/pc stick without soldering anything. The JLW should fit in there with little to no modifcation.

As for the dc stick… yes you would have to desolder the old stick and solder the imitation JLF in. Im not 100% sure if it will fit though as I dont own a dc stick… but from the looks of it, it should fit.


He could also just cut and use any of like 20 kinds of crimp connectors…


ok…i think i will go for the solder thing :slight_smile:
thx to both of u :slight_smile: