Stick woes


Only had my stick for about a month and haven’t been too consistent on practice, but I still feel I’m lagging behind on learning it. General motions from neutral are cake, my biggest problem is when I have the stick in the downback position (or anything but neutral really) and have to quickly reset it to neutral to cancel into a special. A good example would be on Viper, holding downback during footsies and quickly needing to cancel into Thunder Knuckle.

Basically: Any tips for improving on stick movement when it’s not neutral?


You don’t need to go to neutral to do that. Downback to down, then do the motion. Besides that:

  1. execution thread:
    SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)

  2. training mode

  3. go practice


Hmm, thought of that but figured it might be a bad habit for certain characters with how buffering works. I’ll give it a shot though.


You don’t need to return to neutral to execute moves, and since SF4 has input leniency, you can input shortcuts that allow you to input the characters move easier. Take the DP motion, you can preform: 33+P, 323+P, or even 3214+P