Stickers on plexiglass/polycarbonate?

TMO/Norris seems to put graphics on their plexiglass with some of their top tier arcade sticks and I would like to try this out too. Anyone know where I can go to do this?

some examples from Norris.

Making a stick eh? Let me see the progress.

It’s still very much work in progress. I’m trying to make this one my magnum opus that’s all my work and so far all I’ve done was use a router on some wood and drilled holes in lexan. And it won’t be finished until summer because of school. D:


The stencil used for the graphic was a sticker. The final result however, is paint. There is a lot of good info contained in this build. This guy used a vinyl cutter for making his stencils but you can get away with less.

OMG Thank you very much Big Pockets!