Sticking to one char/team - good or bad? Your opinion

*A Note From Japan

Months after writing the above chapter, I traveled to Japan in March 2003 as part of Team USA, representing the United States in Super Turbo Street Fighter. I also played a bit of Capcom vs. SNK 2 over there. One interesting thing about Japanese players is that they stick with just one character (or one team of characters in CvS2), since their tournament format requires keeping the same character the entire tournament. In the United States, we can switch characters between games, giving us an incentive to learn at least two to four different characters.

The Japanese players definitely proved to me that by sticking to one character and learning everything about that character, you win the unwinnable matches.*

Directly from Playing To Win, thx to Sirlin for contributing this (watch homepage for more info)

What do you think about sticking to one char/team in 2007? What do you preffer and why? I’d like to get different points of views.

Sorry for my non-perfect english :lovin:

I like a mix between american and japanese play style.

stick with one top tier team/character the whole way through

lol, the truth^

That’s suicide to my knowledge in MvC2

You miss out on the ‘meta-game’ of character selection if you are forced to enter with a character.

Be this a good or bad thing? Its probably a matter of preference.

I personally see the merits in both.

I think it varies on the actual game itself, it’s quite an accomplishment though. Wouldn’t see it as a bad idea if you are very skilled and trust who you select.

I think I would agree with this. Pretty much every single KoF I’ve played I always choose ralf as my main and I do good with him because of all those years of play with him. He’s pretty much been embeded into my head, but that also gives me some advantage because I know . Now granted learning other characters are always good, since there are some games that require team play such as KoF(s) and CvS2. I honestly prefer to stick to the characters I have learned and have perfected (some).

But seriously, if they had put Ralf in CvS2 you would see the best team out there: N-Ralf(r4) :devil:

honestly, Fuck that approach. But if your not gonna play one char all the waythrough, then learn all of the counter matches that are usefull.

Whitch one seems like more a pain in the ass?

I like to have a basic understanding and a go-to character just incase my main aint workin for me…and also for matchup reasons

But in tourneys, if I have to only pick 1 char., I’ll stick to my main, even if the char. I face is a bad matchup for my main.

Sticking to the same character all the time sounds pretty boring.
I guess you can overcome unfavorable match-ups against your main characters if you get enough practice, but still, it would be monotonous and boring.

so is taking the easy way out by counter charactering

but im guilty of both


for the majority of the time i’ve played 3s, i only used dudley in tournament. it gives you a different perspective on the character as a whole, and imo it really does allow you to learn those little nuances that help you win bad matchups.

We shall have to redefine the misconception of sticking with one character.
Sticking with one character does not change the meta game at all.
Sticking to one character means you learn all the ins and outs of that character, AND!!!
How that character has to deal with each other respective char on the ENTIRE game. The Japanese are so good, because they know how to deal vs each and every character possible. sometimes Stealth upsets can occur, however for the most part, most Top tier players, stick to one character of choice, or tier, and then know how to counter every one character in the game. Otherwise a random may just come in and kick everyone’s ass. Ala Japanese Akuma in Evo a couple years ago.

I see merits in both, personally I play with a variety of chars.

It depends on the game. Games that are matchup dependent, like SSVSP, ST- you want to have two chars in case you get counter-charred.
For other games, you might want to stick to one main.

If I am really trying to win, I’ll just use my main team. If you can’t win with your main team, you probably can’t win with a secondary team. Well, this goes for everything and not just marvel.

In many games one character is good enough, while ST is a game where you should know at least 2. CvS2, is also kinda nice to have one extra character as like sitting in the side lines.

Wouldn’t say its “easy” if you decided to learn two or more characters.

In a way, I tend to learn characters I have trouble with just to learn there weakness myself. In the end, it actually does help. Even when fighting opponents who are not that great I find out stupid shit that counters those characters as I play them.

i think P-Ralf would benefit him more if he were in a CvS game…

Right, but it’s not as if you’d need to master them either as they’re already ‘better’ then your opponents character, you’re more or less relying on the strengths of said character that make them a counter to your opponent’s character, and not entirely addressing the weaknesses of your own.


That is true, but they would have to have Umanori Galactica Phantom as a definent

Huh? Fuck what approach?

I simply said I see the advantages either way. I personally enjoy playing a variety of characters. Random Select in CvS2 is one of my favorite past-times.